Magic Squares of Order 12

This part contains 9 different styles magic squares of order 12. These magic squares are of type block-wise, bordered, block-bordered, bordered magic rectangles, etc. Next week, there shall be more 9 magic squares of order 12.

Inder J. Taneja, Different Styles of Magic Squares of Order 12 Using Bordered Magic Rectangles

PUZZLE: Fill the Gaps to Make a Magic Square of Order 12

Fill the Gaps:

Fill the gaps in above block of order 12×12 to become a magic square or order 12. It should have rows, columns and principal diagonals sum 870. It uses the numbers from 1 to 144 without repetitions. The above magic square is pandiagonal with pandiagonal equal sums magic squares of order 4.

Answer in next block: 12.02.23.

Answer: Last Weeks Puzzle (29.01.23)

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