Never seen before.

By boarded magic squares we understand that if we remove the external border still, we are left with magic squares of lower orders with sequential entries. Single digits bordered magic squares are well-known. This work brings ver different types of bordered magic squares but are of corner-type, known by cornered magic squares. Instead of removing the whole border, here we remove only last row and column. By doing so, we still left with lower order cornered magic squares. This work is up to order 81. We start with order 5.

Lower order cornered magic suares (up to order 23) can be calculated using software by Harry While: Downloads (

During past days author did few works in this direction. These are as follows:

Corned Magic Squares: Orders 5 to 30

Below are examples of cornered magic squares of orders 5 to 30. The total work is up to order 81. Most of the work is done manually. For the complete work see the excel file attached at the end.

For more examples see the excel files below:

Excel files for Download

File 1: Cornered Magic Squares: Orders 5 to 81.

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