During past years author worked with representations of numbers in terms of 1 to 9 and 9 to 1. These representations called as crazy representations, and are done from 1 to 200000. For details see the references. This work is little different. It brings crazy representations of numbers from 1 to 20000 in terms of palindrodic digits of 1357-9-7531. For each number these 9 digits are used. This we have done by use of basic operations and factorial. There are few numbers where we used square-root also.

Below is a link of download of complete work:

Out of 20000 there are only 21 numbers where used the square-root along with factorials. See below these numbers:

The examples below are by use of factorial:

Below are few examples:

A similar kind of work for the numbers from 1 to 10000 is done by use of 2022-2202. See below the link:

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